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I loooove to snack. and snack. and snack some more. Is there any healthy little things that i can snack on in front of the telly

Posted Feb 16 2010 6:52am


But firstI have to ask: Why are you snacking so much? Are you getting enough food at mealtimes? Are you snacking out of boredom or for other emotional reasons? Have you gotten into the habit of snacking whenever you watch TV?

If you just prefer to eat smaller amounts more frequentlythat’s a good enough reason. I just want you to check in with yourself to make sure you’re eating because you’re hungry and not for other reasons.

On to the snacks! I have a good list of snacks herebut I’m always a big fan of snacking on fruits and veggies. Particularly:

  • apples or clementines with almond butter
  • celery and carrot sticks with hummus or goat cheese
  • plainunroasted nuts and a bit of dried fruit
  • Greek yogurt and berries
  • pear and cheese
  • Larabar or other bar made from fruit and nuts
  • Hardboiled egg and fruit or veggies

If you just want something to distract your mouthI’m a fan of tea with a little cream to make it more of a treat. You can also redefine what a snack is by munching on leftovers or a small portion of your favorite meal.

Side note: I’m slowly chipping away at all your questions! Don’t worry if I haven’t gotten to yours yet — I will.

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