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I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:31pm

Hi friends!

Unfortunately I had another sleepless night last night. And by sleepless, I mean SLEEPLESS. I think I might have dozed for about an hour or so before the alarm sounded. Around 11:00, I was back downstairs watching more of the news with my mom after laying in bed for 3 hours. I’ve always suffered from insomnia but this is getting ridiculous! I better pull my act together asap or I am going to make myself sick:(. On my way to work I nibbled on this bar:


I ate half in the car and the other half around 5:30. Tons of hot water as well. No lemons though—we are out!!

I had the standard work breakfast this morning— oat bran, skim milk, pumpkin seed butter and spices (ginger, cloves, cinnamon):


Along with a hot cup of Chai with stevia to try to shrug off the blurry eyes. Worked for about an hour but then I started to crash around 10:00.

I also had a small snack around 11:00 but don’t have a picture because we aren’t allowed to photograph anything in the store, as yall know. I had a “mini breakfast cookie”—the Erin Baker’s brand. I used to eat these all the time and then found one in the pantry here. They are pretty satisfying for a little midmorning treat!

The bread turned out really well today. Actually, its getting better and better each day. I think I’m just getting used to all the equipment and the ovens especially. I had to memorize all the different oven temperatures for all the breads as well as the different cuts made. I’ve pretty much gotten it down here and have fallen into a rhythem. From 4:00-5:45 I prepare and bake all the breakfast pastries, from 5:45 to 7:30 I work with the different doughs—cutting it and shaping it. I take a break at 7:30-8:00 and then when I come back its all baking. Since I’m in charge of whatever goes in and out of the proof box and oven, I really have to pay attention to everything! All the breads are baked by 10:00 usually and then its on to preparing doughs for the next day. I wish yall could come visit!

I bought some of the organic sourdough that was baked only about 3 hours ago on my way home—


And made a hummus sandwich with it for lunch at home. I used about 3 spoonfuls hummus and had a yogurt with honey on the side.


And now I am just relaxing before I have to go to another post-op appointment at the dentist at 2:00. When I come home I AM doing yoga, no matter how difficult it might be because of my exhaustion. I need to just get on the mat and release it all for a little while. Today is the 3rd day in my 6 day work week because I have to work this Saturday as well. I’ll sure I’ll never work 6 days in a row again but Saturday is the beginning day of the new schedule and I got all last weekend off for graduation instead of two days interspersed throughout the week. Or actually it will be ONE weekday (next week its Wednesday) and Sundays. This week is just long and I gotta get through it! And SLEEP!

Some of yall have been asking for more details about my doctor’s appointment yesterday. Without getting into tooooo much specific to my symptoms, here is some information on food incompatibility that I found incredibly interesting. It basically goes again everything we were brought up to do….if you stick to a strict ayurvedic diet you would need to follow the following guidelines, although its noted that individuals should do what they can and not stress about it. This list is only a guideline and not incredibly comprehensive. Read this as the first item should not pair with the second item/items.

Fruit—-with any other item

Mangos—with cheese, yogurt or cucumbers

Milk—banana, cherries, melon, meat, fish, yogurt, bread containing yeast

Yogurt—milk, meat, fish, eggs, hot drinks

Eggs—fruit, yogurt, cheese, meat, fish, beans

Honey—never boiled

Grains—fruit, tapioca

Beans—fruit, cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs, milk

Take it for what you will, but combining these food items is said to lead to toxins known as ama that spread from the digestive tract through all the body. This leads to IBS and a variety of other indigestion and tummy problems. Yuck!

I’m off to the dentist and to return some library books! See you for an early din-din!

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