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I know peanut butter can be a good source of protein and healthy fats, but some brands aren't, like Jiff and Skippy. What's good

Posted Feb 18 2010 4:50pm

I’m gonna give you my criteria for a good jar of PB, but I have to warn you… I doubt you’ll meet these criteria without getting the “soupy” kind! The reason Jiff and Skippy taste so good to people is because they have added corn syrup and other chemicals to make sure the oil doesn’t separate.

But here’s a lil secret: Once you stir the naturally separated oil in, it’s no longer soupy! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Okay, here are my must-haves in a peanut butter:

  • It’s gotta be organic! Peanuts soak up a lot of pesticides, so it’s one of the absolutely-has-to-be-organic items on my grocery list.
  • No added sugar/HFCS/sweetener. This rules out a lot of your Jiffs and Skippys.
  • Really, the only two ingredients in your jar should be peanuts and salt. That’s all you need! You don’t need added jelly, flavored syrups, or whatever. You can make your own flavored peanut butter by adding in banana, cinnamon, etc.

At certain grocery stores, you can actually “make your own” PB by grinding the peanuts on the spot. Trader Joe’s sells an absolutely yummy organic PB made with valencia peanuts that I pretty much am addicted to. Seriously, I try other kinds, but they just don’t stack up. It’s not too pricey, either! Give it a try.

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