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I have many food allergies and wheat is the biggest concern at the moment. What can I eat in order to ensure I maintain a health

Posted by ses1978

I have a ton of food allergies, but recently wheat is a concern. So how can I still eat healthy and get all my nutrients while still avoiding all of my allergies?
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Have you seen a nutritionist? What kind of foods are you not allergic to? That's a starting point...figure out what is safe to eat and build your diet around them. Plenty of non-wheat carbs you can eat- sweet potatoes, rice, millet, quinoa, oats.

Are you allergic to vegetables? My guess is that you have to avoid gluten but you can likely have quinoa and perhaps get away with spelt or millet. Some local health food stores are now marking their gluten-free items. Going out to eat will be tougher unless there's a conscientious raw of vegan/vegetarian place in your neighborhood.

There's plenty to eat even in the face of your allergies and you might just find that you can return to some of those foods once you've cleaned up your system. I'd also suggest reading on the topic of candida albicans and their infiltration in the colon. If you have a candida/yeast issue then you are likely to feel much better on a restricted diet AND return to some foods after you've flushed the lower GI. A colonic might also be helpful.

If your nasal passages respond to airborne allergens I'd recommend a neti pot rinse a coupletime per week. 

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