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I drink more tea than coffee, but they're both full of caffeine!

Posted by Marianna S.

I drink numerous cups of earl grey tea throughout the day. That, combined with a couple of espressos here and there, adds up to way too much caffeine! Honestly, I'm not so much concerned about the health aspect of excessive caffeine; rather I am worried about my TEETH! Call me vain, but I don't want coffee stains on my pearly whites! So that is my motivation to drink less coffee/caffeine: I don't want yellow teeth. :)
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Green tea seems to not stain as much (it also doesn't have as much caffeine as black tea). If you like lattes and other cafe drinks you can order green tea lattes (sometimes they come with really strong syrups and sweeteners, be weary). Don't worry about being vain haha. No one wants ugly teeth. I don't drink red wine anymore because it's started to coat my teeth.
Both tea and coffee will stain your teeth a little bit because of the tannic acid (the bitter taste). If you drink soy tea, there is no tannic acid. Enjoy!
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