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I demand the nutritional facts!!

Posted by Ben S.

Although I disapprove of McDonald’s and think they constantly are tricking us and bending the truth, I’ve found a reason to actually like them. Their website is the only website that is fast and easy to find the nutritional facts about their different foods. I checked Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Jack In The Box, and McDonald’s, and the only fast food place that came up with the nutrition facts of all of them was McDonald’s. The results were obviously not good, but at least they posted them and made them quick and easy to find instead of having to download something and/or impossible to even locate. Nutrition facts are almost impossible to find on these sites and hidden in the stores. The fast food restaurants know the obvious and hide it from us. We should demand to see these forms! So we no longer blame these restaurants, but instead blame ourselves for being so stupid as to know the nutritional facts and still eat it

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In 2006, New York City Board of Health passed a law at the end of 2006 that fast foods chains had to post calorie information on the menu. Towards the end of June 2007, the deadline was approaching so McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's refused to change their menu. The fast food chains are arguing that calorie information will clutter the menu and make it difficult to read. In addition to this new law, as of July 1, New York City restaurants have to ban trans-fat from cooking oils. I have not heard a recent update regarding posting the calorie information - has anyone? What do you think about posting the information? I think it's good and much needed! has the nutritional info for a number of fast-food restaurants. Even fast food restaurants will happily accomodate special orders-- omitting sauces alone changes the calorie count for so many menu items!
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