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I Can Make You Thin The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People Book and CD

Posted Oct 17 2010 10:35pm

I Can Make You Thin The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People Book and CD

Brand new HC

1 Star second time
The system seemed like a great idea therefore I did purchase the book. This is the first time I purchased from this seller and the item was presented as “NEW”. The book binding was broken, the pages where bent, and the CD did not work. I contacted the seller and was told to send it back and the shipping would be partially paid. I chose to buy online to save time and money. This is the second time I purchased an item on Amazon that was advertised as “new” and received very damaged merchandise. My time is money but I would rather see what I am buying and not be taken advantage of. I believe the seller should check the quality of the item before advertising it as “new” and not cause the consumer aggravation! I wonder how many other buyers would rather keep the damaged merchadise than go through the trouble of returns. Therefore this is becoming a place to make money for junk…so I have written this off as a lesson well learned and will not purchase items from Amazon again.

5 Stars This works
Paul McKenna has some great ideas – yet they are all common sense. The hypnosis drives the point home, though, so you have to stay consistent with that. I’ve lost 5 lbs in the first 3 weeks. I’m happy!

4 Stars Losing Weight Help
This seller was very professional in handling this transaction. the book is a good read.

5 Stars my take
Read this and in process of doing this, so I will have to get back to you to let you know how well it works. I have noticed that my sweet cravings have all but disapeared since I started thhis program and I have been eating a lot less. So I am looking forward to see my progress..

5 Stars I can make you thin
I originally got this book from the library. A month after reading it and implementing the suggestions in the book I have lost 12 pounds, with little to no effort. The key for me was with diet programs I obessed with what, when and how I could eat all the time. There were 9 million rules. Now I eat what I want when I want, but I am not overeating. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I think the key to his program is the relaxation-trance meditation cd. I think the diet idea of restriction all the time leads to cravings that are never satisfied by either not eating what you crave or eating a sugar-free, fat-free item that does not taste like the real thing. My husband is constantly ” aren’t you going to finish that?” now my answer is no, I am not still hungry so why eat it. Mckenna wants everyone to quit the “empty plate club” we have all had drilled into us since we were 6 and our parents convinced us that us not finishing our supper was contributing to the starving kids somewhere. I went to a birthday dinner recently and normally would pick at food that I “should not be eating” and skip the cake on the initial offering only to cave later and eat cake and then feel guilty the rest of the party for eating the cake. Now I went to the party, picked out the things I wanted to eat and ate a small piece of cake, and actually enjoyed myself and did not think of what I was “suppose to do” you know the have a plan before going, eat an apple before you go, drink water before you get to the party. Mckenna’s plan does not tell you any of this. Ia amazed at how food has become a nonissue for me and I am just losing weight at a slow steady rate. And yes if you went out to dinner every day and lived on junk food you will not lose weight, but I seem not to have those cravings as much. I am not saying I still don’t think “God I want chocolate” but I actually have had a bowl of chocolates on my diningroom table all month and I have eaten some ocassionally, but they don’t seem to call to me like they did before. I really can not wait till his quit smoking book is out. I am soooo giving to my husband.

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