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I am looking to improve my diet, Which is the best fruit and which is the best Vegetable.?

Posted by Brian J.

Overall goodness.
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Blueberries, Kale, etc.... Blueberries contain pterostilbene, a plant compound recently shown to have cholesterol-lowering properties. Their ORAC value (antioxidant rating) is the highest of any fruit.??Kale is a member of the brassica family -- vegetable royalty that boasts cabbage and broccoli among its relatives. It's rich in potent cancer-fighting substances called indoles, and loaded with bone-building vitamin K. Kale has the highest antioxidant rating of any vegetable and is ridiculously low in calories.
Trendy fruits. I was interested in your question because you didn't really specify in what regard. If you are simply looking for opinions, I would have to say that it depends on the time of year. If you are talking health benefits, I would agree about the blueberries and kale, as I'm on a kale kick (if you've read any of my other entries). Kale is extremely high in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. I just love it more than anything. The answer about blueberries, however, is the reason I too answered this question. I, too, love a blueberry more than anything. Frozen is honestly the best thing that's ever happened to fruit. But I have to say... wasn't pomegranate supposed to be the best fruit a year ago? I think that fruit, like clothing, is going through a major trend cycle. And this year, it's the blueberry that's hot. I'm okay with that. They deserve some respect.
the best. I have found that avacados are an amazing and highly benifical fruit...also mangos(which I have never come to like) and blueberries. One of the great veggies are asparagus and othe dark green veggies. If you put some asparagus in the oven on broil for 15 minutes with some olive oil and garlic salt, you get a great little treat. It turns out sort of crispy burnt (but not bad burnt) and taste super yummy.
Hmmm, I'm not sure what you mean by "best," but I generally tend to stock up on fruits that are high in antioxidants. In that respect, the blueberry is king. As far as vegetables go, the ones that tend to be highest in calcium and other minerals are the dark, leafy vegetables--so go for the kale, spinach, chard, broccoli, etc.
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