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I Am Breaking Up With McDonalds

Posted by tamara h.

Fast food, I have had it with you! You make me fat and you never make me feel full! McDonalds, you are the worst. I see you revamping yourself with iced coffee and "salad options", but is the public aware that your salads have almost as many calories as your big mac?

In 2008, I am vowing to end my relationship with McDonalds for good. I have already pretty much broken up with them, but eventually they pull me back in, since I travel a lot and they just taste SO GOOD when I am on the road!

My plan to break up with McDonalds permanently:

1) Switch to "healthier" options like Wendy's, but only when i MUST eat fast food

2) Have healthy snacks on hand, especially things I can stuff in my bag when I have a non-stop day

3) Write out how much I spend monthly on eating out. What else can I spend that money on? Intrigue me, bank account, intrigue me!

4) Look at pictures of grossly overweight people. Because I don't want to be one.

5) Make a list of what I value in life. Does takeout food threaten to shorten my experiences here with heart disease and other cholesterol-related afflictions?

I am hoping this list will purge me of my McDonalds addiction forever, especially those oh so tempting chicken nuggets, yum. Wish me luck!

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