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i am a 270 pound women how many calories and fat grams should i eat to lose weight

Posted by kathy

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Hello Kathy - The quick answer is: less than you're eating now, and increase your activity level.  Weight loss is relative to where you are right now.  Are you counting calories now?  If you are, you can deduct 500 calories per day and you can expect to lose about a pound per week.

Now, the long answer.  Not knowing how tall you are or how active you are, it's difficult to be absolute in telling you and exact number.  But keeping your daily intake around 2600-2800 calories should see some results.  

- Try 60g of total fat: no more than 22g of saturated fat, the rest being mono & poly-unsaturated fat  (540 calories) - This is important because saturated fats are the "nasties" that tell your brain to eat more fat.  Do away with them!

- Add 110g of lean protein: egg whites, chicken & turkey breast, non-fat yogurt. (440 calories)

- The rest of your calories being from complex carbohydrates (whole grains) and fresh/frozen fruit and vegetables.

Other tips:

- Keep a food diary to help you keep track of what you eat.

- Eat fresh and prepare your own food.

- Learn new recipes at  Nini's Easy Recipes

- Get daily support at   The Daily Crunch

- Join one of the many on-line support groups, like this one. Review your program as you go... Congratulations on taking care of your health!



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