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I actually like coconut, whaaaat?

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm
My lunch was another amazing raw concoction. I've been totally into making fruit salsas lately, and this is my newest creation:peach papaya salsa. I'm going to be making more awesome fruit salsas, I just have to decide on combinations. What are your favorite fruit salsas? Do you have any you want to try?
Anyway, I threw the salsa on some lettuce wraps filled with zucchini and yellow squash. Very delish!

I had a side of raw goat cheese for some tasty protein.

My pm snack was this bad boy. It has apple, red/yellow/orange bell pepper, raisins, yellow squash, tuna, spinach and romaine. All splashed with, can you guess??
Peach Papaya salsaof course!!

Dinner wasn't really a dinner since I was planning on running right over to the gym afterward. It was more of a snack-y type dinner. It incorporated a new flavor of goraw bar! Granola flavor! I loooooooove this flavor!

I had a veggie filled green monster. This was mostly spinach and carrots with a bit of banana and mango thrown in for good measure. Not as sweet as usual since I really loaded it with the veggies and skimped on the fruit.

I took said goraw bar and put some awesomely delicious almond butter on the top. This was the perfect amount of food to eat before a workout, didn't feel full or weighed down.

I went off to the gym to do the stair climber for an hour, then came home and ran a few errands, including a run to whole foods to get more raw cheeses! Mmmmmmmm. When we got home, the BF and I watched the Magic beat the Lakers (hoooray!) then I snacked on this pear.

Followed by this date with almond butter and a little bit of Artisana Cacao Bliss. I haven't liked coconut in the past, but it is totally growing on me now. Perhaps I just had to develop a taste for it! This was absolutely the best dessert ever! I had a few bites of my
granolaas well.

Then we took the doggies for a walk to chill them out before bed!

This morning I had a usual breakfast slushie with a bit more greek yogurt than usual to make it extra creamy! I added kale, half a nana, frozen mango chunks, frozen papaya chunks and two frozen strawberries to it. I threw the usual spoonful of flax, scoop of protein (vanilla today) andgranolaon top.

After breakfast was the typical morning doggie walk. The gym today was lower back, calves and abs. Since the lifting portion of this workout is long, I don't usually have time for much morning cardio to go with it (today I had no time). But I did finish with some balance work. I did two sets of 15-20 reps of each of the following:

Good Mornings
Back Extensions
Seated Calf Raise
Leg Press Calf Raise
Weighted Reverse Crunch
Weighted Crunch and Oblique Crunch on Stability Ball
Around the World
Stability Ball Plank
Cable Wood Choppers

I was simply exhausted after that workout! I think sometime in the next two weeks I'll start a monthly workout feature in which I give a full workout schedule you guys can follow along with for a month complete with pics, if you are interested. Would that be something you would want to follow?

My am snack at work this morning was some lovely overnight oats (not green today) with berries, mango, flax, chocolate protein powder and bit of greek yogurt.

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