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I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!

Posted Jan 30 2012 11:10pm

I love to give you solid information that will inspire, educate and motivate you to live the life you want in a body you love. Usually that comes in the form of blogs and videos with health tips, facts, perspectives and steps and strategies for how to change, adapt, grow and expand. I share whatever I know will help you to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

Abundance1 thumb I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!

I also let my personality come through in my writing (notice the silly jokes!, videos, not-so-guilty confessions and passion for these topics. Sometimes I like to show you a bit more of what’s happening in my personal life too if I feel it relates to the topics I discuss here on the blog or just to show you a little bit more about who I am.

Recently I’ve been tagged many times in the blog world to share my responses to certain questions about my life and preferences. It was Megan’s most recent tagging of me that inspired me to share some more about me with you here today.

I hesitate to share these things as I don’t want to bore you to tears. Although tears are good – they are an emotional, energetic and biochemical release. See how I got a little bit of health education in there still wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!.

So today I will answer the questions asked and hopefully you will enjoy getting a little more insight into me. Otherwise enjoy your tears as they give you a good balancing release.

Before I do, an exciting reminder that tomorrow brings the start of Get Raw, the 14 day Guided Raw Food Program I am running with the inspirational Philip McCluskey (Weight Loss Expert, Author, Motivational Speaker, fellow Life-Lover).

If you:

  • Are looking to easily release weight, gain energy and feel light in your body while enjoying an abundance of delicious food?
  • Want to try a high raw diet but don’t know the best way to put it together to get optimal results?
  • Want the support, community and guidance that will make all the difference between wanting results and actually getting them?

Then Get Raw will deliver. Starting tomorrow the 1st of February and running for 14 days right up until Valentine’s Day (ooh la la bring on the self-love baby!).

Get Raw will give you the expert guidance, daily support and exact steps and strategies to help you to eat a clean and nourishing raw food diet (all raw or high raw).

image2 I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!

You will be given everything you need to create a diet and lifestyle that moves you towards the body and health you desire while also tasting amazing!

To find out more about Get Raw and take advantage of this last opportunity to register, click here right away .

Before I share a few facts about me, you might like to see me in my life….dancing. Yes, you heard me. I love to dance and I will happily share all my finely tuned moves (ahem…joking) with you online purely to make you laugh, even if at me.

It’s also amazing for your health and happiness (see, another health tip squeezed in there…I just can’t hold myself back! wlEmoticon smile2 I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!).

Now with Megan’s tagging, I will share 11 random things about myself.

1. I travelled Europe alone for 6 months when I was 21 and had the time of my life. Right up there on my list of greatest loves and passions in life are travelling, experiencing new cultures, immersing myself in new experiences and throwing myself into growth opportunities or wild adventure.

Casey Killarney thumb I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow! casey skydive thumb I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!

2. I’m from Perth in Western Australia but lived in London for 4 years and Sydney for two.

Casey Courtney beachwalk thumb1 I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!

My local beach

3. I love reading deep spiritual and personal development books and factual health books. But I also love a good erotic fiction, Vampire or supernatural novel (with more erotic fiction of course) and would happily settle down with a vampire if I didn’t fear blood loss (ok maybe not so much the last but it’s not entirely a joke wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!).

4. I work a LOT. I love it and every single day I wake up and am ridiculously grateful for the ability and willingness I have to create my reality every day (I promise you can feel this too if you don’t right now). I also have crazy amounts of energy so it works well.

5. I am coming to the US in April/May (mostly NY at this stage)! If you are over there and you are a client, friend or someone who wants to get in touch with me, there are some cool things I am doing and I would love to connect with you. Get in touch !

6. If I could live off green juice, avocado, cacao, leafy greens, delicious cooked veggie recipes plus some wine and champagne I would. Oh hang on, with the exception of the occasional wine and champagne, I  pretty much do.

YDWkshop8 thumb2 I’m Getting Personal + Get Raw Starts Tomorrow!

7. I don’t watch TV or listen to or read the news. I do however love Glee (see video below), True Blood (no surprise there), The Vampire Diaries (nor there), Community and How I Met Your Mother.

8. I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising and also in Film Studies and Production. You wouldn’t know it from the quality of my videos but I have 3 years of music videos, short documentaries, short films and trailers under my belt (not literally of course…I don’t have a belt on).

9. I always have organic, natural moisturiser, lip balm (I’m addicted), essential oils, flower remedies and herbal tea in my hand bag. Always. I rarely have cash though.

10. I’m usually late. Not for clients or work, but I’m often 10 minutes late for family or friends. Sorry. I know it’s a shockingly annoying habit.

11. My female friends (well, all my friends, but my female relationships are exceptionally close to me) mean the world to me. I love my girls more than anything and feel blessed every day for each and every one of them.

12. And another just for fun. I’m a Libran. That should mean I’m indecisive but I’m definitely not (see how decisive that was). But I definitely am all about the equality. Superiority and judgement definitely aren’t my thing. Thus I’ll also not judge you if they are yours.

That’s a wrap!

Your feedback: Did you enjoy me sharing more about myself? What would you like to see me educate you on and share on the blog?

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