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I’m a “health nut” who loves fried food (as long as it’s fried in organic coconut oil)

Posted Jul 17 2012 1:58pm

…..and I've got awesome cholesterol blood test scores to be very comfortable with my convictions.

Coconut oil is an EXTREMELY  healthy oil , in spite of how big business has successfully convinced the masses over the past 40 years that it is not.

A special shout out to the Canola Oil industry, who has successfully fooled the masses by promoting Canola as one of the worst possible foods introduced to mankind as a healthy omega-3 oil.  Sigh…

Furthermore, I can't get with the legions of healthy eating guru's who want to convince someone to put tofu in a blender and somehow force yourself to enjoy it. I NEED REAL FOOD!!!!

As much I'm proud of my consistent and extensive daily intake kale, spinach, fennel, broccoli, and all that other healthy stuff, my body still wants those thick cut French fries, my scrambled eggs, occasional fried chicken, fish n chips, my holiday specialty for the family my deep fried turkey, homemade organic potato chips, and so on.

Those food fetishes ain't going away……….nor should they have to for an informed, "healthy eater".

As I have said a gazillion times in this blog, the oils we consume wreak more havoc on our health than anything else in the "Western Diet", with the exception (arguably) of artificial sweeteners and genetically modified foods. My humble advice for oils, and any other foods, is to stick to the foods that have been time tested throughout the centuries, as opposed to the ones invented in the last 40 years.

Coconut oil has been used since the dawn of time, and instead of writing an extremely long-winded blog post with all the health benefits of coconut oil, I will try a different approach. People who have traditionally used coconut oil, such as people in Polynesia, the Philippines, the East Indies, and so forth, never had any of the so called Western diseases, primarily diabetes, until many of those people switched to "Western" oils.

You're already on the web, take a quick 10 minutes and Google up "coconut oil health benefits", and then get back to that guilty pleasure, or shall I now say "innocent pleasure" of fried foods, or shall I say "healthy fried foods".

…..forgot to state that the taste of coconut oil literally blows these other oils away (and it doesn't taste like coconuts), so try replace the oil in your recipes with coconut oil. 

~stay healthy~

Changing my oils is one of my Top 10 things learned on my wellness journey .

My Top 10 things learned on my wellness journey (click on picture to check out my list)

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