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Hydroxycut Recall Proves That Healthy Food is Better Than Chemical Isolates

Posted May 05 2009 4:27pm
The FDA has asked for a recall of Hydroxycut products because consumers have suffered liver damage. This again proves that it’s always better to get nutrition from healthy food rather than chemical formulas made with isolated nutrients.

I'm also living proof that healthy food works better to power a lean, fit body. I’m writing this after a challenging 11-mile hike in the Superstition Mountain Wilderness near Phoenix, Arizona on a hot day in May. Here’s exactly what I ate today for the big hike,and I feel great, even after six and a half hours of hiking in the Arizona sun:

7:30am – Breakfast is 1 healthy all natural whole food concentrate, 1 banana (frozen), and 16 oz of rice milk.

8:30am – 1 all natural fiber food bar while driving to the trailhead.

9:00am – Start hiking, carrying 150 oz of water mixed with an all-natural electrolyte replacement formula.

11:30 am - A handful of walnuts and raisins, 2 small organic dates, 1 healthy food concentrate made with whole foods.

12:30 pm – 1 apple

1:30 pm – 2 dates

3: 45pm – Finished the hike and swallowed the last sips of my electrolyte fluid.

4:15pm - 1 healthy food concentrate with 10 oz of rice milk and 1 frozen banana

6:00pm – A bowl of salad with various healthy food ingredients and Annie’s Natural Goddess salad dressing (to bond with my feminine side)

8:00pm –1 whole food fiber bar, with a tablespoon of organic peanut butter.

9:00pm – Feelin’ good and ready for sleep.

This proves that a healthy food plan, based on whole foods, works to power the bod y, balance vitamins and minerals and satisfy hunger. You don’t need protein drinks, high carb goop, or extra supplements. Healthy food concentrates made with whole food ingredients are great because they’re easy to use, quickly absorbed by the body and satisfy hunger.

Next weekend, I’m hiking 20 miles in the Grand Canyon with my teenage son. If I can convince him to eat this kind of healthy food, our backpacks will be much lighter.
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