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How Your Mindset Can Make or Break Your Business – Part 2

Posted Jan 22 2014 7:00am

iStock_Working with a small budget 000008200701XSmall Have your thoughts been holding your back, or helping you shoot for the moon? In Part One of this series, I covered the steps you can take to control and direct your inner dialog, so that it works for you, and not against you. As we embark on the adventure of a brand new year, the next step in the process is leveraging your thoughts so that they allow you to flourish.

Sometimes there’s a hesitation among women entrepreneurs to let the world know how fantastic they are. Much of that pause stems from underlying insecurities and low self-worth. That is why it’s vital that you do the work I outlined in part one, so that you can really reap the benefits in part two of this transformational formula.

The Bold Truth

When it comes to your bottom line, there can be a significant difference between the outcome for an entrepreneur who thinks she is good, versus one who believes she is outstanding. The distinction is evident in all you do, write and say. And if you allow your thoughts to hold you back from embracing your big dreams, you will never do what is necessary to hit your big  goals.

Buying into your worth is not about self-aggrandizement or narcissism. It’s about stretching yourself, and pushing the limits of what you are able to achieve in your lifetime. Playing big begins with dreaming and believing in the possibilities. And if you never allow your thoughts to shift from the realistic to the realm of really awesome, you won’t realize your full potential.

This Little Light of Mine…

Perhaps you need to muster a bit of courage to let your light shine brightly in the business arena. Although we are each born with “star quality,” not all of us are drawn to the spotlight like moths to a flame. Pushing yourself a bit is not a bad thing, because driving a successful business means staying outside your comfort zone. To get comfortable moving one step closer to the spotlight, keep the following five principles in mind - 

  • You Are Unique – Start with the clear understanding that there is no one else on this planet with the same combination of gifts, experiences, wisdom, and insight that you have. When leveraged into a business that directly intersects with a great need, you’ve got a winning combination. 
  • Follow the Right Example – You probably have role models in business, who you think hang the moon. But are you aiming high enough? Make sure that those you are working to emulate are sparkling in the galaxy where you want to play. 
  • Give Yourself a Break - In order to shine brightly, you must embrace and love yourself just the way you are, right where you are — imperfections and all.  No one is expecting you to be flawless. Those who follow you will have a better chance of becoming shining stars in their businesses if they see you living and working with honesty, transparency and authenticity.
  • Visualize the Future You Want – You have to see it to believe it, so spend some time picturing yourself living the life of your dreams, running the business empire you desire, and leveraging your gifts into amazing products and services that dramatically impact the lives of those you serve. And don’t skimp on the details. Visualize it all in living color. The closer your vision is to reality, the easier it will be to see the opportunities that will get you there as they come across your path.
  • Start Spreading the News - Write yourself love notes, create a vision board or mind map, and document the details of your dream on your computer or in your journal. You have to be comfortable putting your dream into to words for yourself before you can begin sharing it with the world. Then tell your friends, and family. And finally begin to let your fans know what plans you have in store for them, one by one. When you move your dreams from thoughts to words, how to put those words into action becomes much clearer.

You’ve heard the saying, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and it’s true! So examine where your thoughts have been leading you lately, and determine where you need to make shifts to begin moving in a much more profitable direction in your business. Make the most of the space between your ears and start living up to your potential.

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