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Posted Jul 03 2010 3:24am

From my new blog about my adventures in London: HOW TO SPEAK BRITISH

I’m sitting in the window of Mildred’s , an amazing Vegetarian restaurant, at a table looking out on the street. It is the most picturesque scene. The weather is perfect. Its about 75 and sunny. You can’t tell the difference of being inside or outside. The window is wide open with no screen. I love that about not having air conditioning. You feel a part of everything that way.

Cars, trucks and motorcycles drive by. Women in summer dresses, men in suits, people on bikes. I could sit here all day. A girl comes over to collect her moped helmet which has been left in the closet under my feet. She is Brazilian and full of smiles. Her eyes crinkle when she smiles. “Tank you”, she says.

The waitress comes back to tell me that the salad I ordered actually has soy sauce. I change it to a rocket salad, which is arugula here. They make gluten free crostini bread here and I’m really excited to try it.

The restaurant across the street is the cutest thing. Its black with no name and only a framed menu in a box on the right side. The outside is charcoal black and looks old but loved. There are two tables with a white and black chair at each. It is full. The chef is standing outside in her white apron with her legs crossed and arms folded. She has white blonde hair and is very fair. The contrast against the black is stunning .

Above the restaurant are offices and in the window a women sits down with some people and is animatedly talking. Next to her above an old photography shop is a man in an office talking on the phone. There are books lined up in his window. Thick volumes. I wonder what he does. I love books in windows. Especially old books in old windows. Why is this?

Two Americans are hugging right in front of me. Glad to be re-united from what is apparently a long break.

There is a guy leaning across the far wall wearing pink tennis shoes.

Two women walk by, one says to the other, “you’ve lost weight haven’t you”, “A little” she replies in a German accent.

The waiter sees a guy walk by and says to the bartender, “sexy Paki”, which I’m sure is totally not PC.

I’ve ordered desert because they have a raspberry vegan gluten free chocolate truffle cake.

I feel like I’m on vacation.

I love that this is my lunch break.

The chocolate cake arrives. I take a huge bite. It is divine.

I smile big.


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