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How To Make Vegetables Interesting For Kids (and adults!)

Posted Jul 26 2012 10:00pm


Are your children (including grown-up children) fussy when it comes to eating vegetables?  Do you struggle to present ‘boring healthy food‘ in an interesting way?

Follow the three ‘P’s to encourage your children to eat their veggies:

Participation: Involve your children with the shopping and meal preparation.
I appreciate that this may seem like your ultimate nightmare and if it’s really not possible to take your children to the supermarket as they run amok in the aisles and have a tendency to thrown themselves on the floor, fists pounding the ground and legs frantically waving in the air (if this is common behaviour it would be beneficial to have a look at their overall diet), involve them in menu planning or writing up a list before you go shopping. Perhaps they can help you choose which fruits and vegetables you need to buy to create a rainbow shopping basket/list. Perhaps they can choose a colour theme for the week and tell you all the fruits and vegetables that can be found in that colour. They can check if you found them all when you get home.

Invite your children to help you prepare simple meals.

Presentation: Make each dish look food
Your children can help you create a vegetable rainbow on each plate. This doesn’t have to be complicated at all and really makes a big difference. I’m constantly reminded of this as I’m always pleasantly surprised when my love presents a plate like this to me:

Or how about presenting foods in new ways. I love this idea using an ice-tray and allowing children to pick and choose what they want to eat:

ice-tray picnic



Perception: Eat your broccoli. Why? Because it’s good for you.

Now that’s just boring.

Eat your broccoli. Why? Because broccoli has something wonderful in it that helps you to grow strong bones so that you can run faster (and beat your dad at arm wrestling!).

Now that’s much more fun!


These recipes are staples in our household and are super simple options to get you started:

  • Avocado-choco Mousse . Simply replace the bananas in this recipe with avocados.
  • Berry Spinach Smoothie In a blender: 1 cup baby spinach, 2 cups berries, water as required for blending
    Optional: vanilla powder, cinnamon, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, raw cacao or carob (a great alternative to chocolate)
  • Sandwich Wraps . These breadless sandwiches are a hit with children. Use their favourite ingredients for the filling
We’d love to hear your child-friendly vegetable ideas, please share them below.

Not sure what to feed your children? The first step is to learn about what works or doesn’t work for you. Which foods make you thrive, which foods drain your energy and how to make healthy eating a priority in your daily life. Contact me today for your Free 30 minute ‘Health Activation ‘ skype session.

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