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How to make any Grilled Cheese, Gourmet. Brie, pesto and tomato on grilled sourdough.

Posted Jun 24 2012 10:39pm

The title really says it all. With the launch of another great new food truck here in Calgary, Cheezy Bizness , I was inspired to see a new take on an old classic, grilled cheese. Cheezy Bizness' slogan is "Gooey Gourmet Goodness" but it could just as well be "this ain't your momma's grilled cheese". I'm not in the business of food reviews (a friend of mine, Vincci T , has that demographic covered), but I will say that what food truck mastermind and owner Nicole Fewell has done is simple genius. Comfort foods have made a comeback in recent years, and although some speculated they were on their way out, the enthusiastic reception by Calgary's Street Eats followers would suggest otherwise. I think comfort foods will always be that - comfort. And like a cozy fireplace on a winter's night, or a cup of tea on a rainy day, comfort doesn't go out of style.

For those of you that don't have the luxury of a "Cheezy Bizness" cruising your streets, or would like to  add some maturity to your Wonderbread and Kraft Slices recipe, fear not. A little creativity is all it takes.

The 4 key items (I believe) to a great grilled cheese are: 

1) A flavourful condiment (e.g. pesto, curried mayo, aioli, herb butter)

2) A very meltable cheese. I find brie works best for this, but more flavourful cheeses would provide more "kick".

3) A great bread

4) A BBQ. Sure, you can do this guy in a pan, but take the time to let the gooey ingredients come to life in the BBQ, and you end up with a smokier flavour, a warm sandwich throughout, and that delicious grilled appearance.

I cruised Pinterest for a few ideas, and came up with my new fav, largely because the beauty lies in the simplicity.


Sourdough bread
Basil pesto
Brie cheese
Tomato, diced
Sauteed onion, diced (optional)


I don't think anyone really requires guidance in sandwich assembly, but here are a couple of tips
  • Slice the bread about 3/4" thick
  • Put the brie on top (that way it melts onto everything else)
  • Brush a little olive oil to the outside of the bread to prevent sticking to the grill
Of course, you can alter/improve/expand upon this any which way you desire. That's the beauty of it. You may want to consider adding a marinated or flavoured meat (pulled pork or bacon comes to mind), or vegetables (pickles, roasted red peppers and mushrooms are all favourites).

Do you have a favourite grilled cheese recipe that makes it "gourmet" calibre? 

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