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How to...Hard Boil an Egg

Posted Dec 02 2010 9:06pm
There are certain things I should just know how to do. Like how to hard boil an egg.

Every time I want to hard boil eggs, I have to research how long they boil! That made me think - if I can't remember, there must be other people out there who can't remember and want a one-stop-shop for basic kitchen how-to recipes. 

I hope that you find these new, super simple (and speedy) basic kitchen tips & tricks helpful. If you have any requests - please send them my way and I'll get them up here for you.

So without further ado:

How to...Hard Boil an Egg*

Gently place the eggs in a large pot. Fill the pot with enough cold water to completely cover the eggs plus an inch. Turn the stove to high heat.

When the water starts boiling, immediately take the pot off the heat, cover it, and let sit for 10-15 minutes.

Drain immediately. Peel and eat them warm, or cool them under cold running water. Refrigerate. 

Storage: Shell on = up to 1 week. Peeled = eat that day. 

*Nerd Alert: Technically, you want to hard cook your eggs - but who says hard cook? It sounds silly. However, if we're talking semantics, we're not boiling eggs here. Boiled eggs tend to be overcooked, rubbery, and green. In hard cooking, you bring the water to a boil before you take the pot off the stove and let your eggs *cook* in the hot water until done. So, if you want to be a total kitchen geek - you're one step closer. 

Want More? Get recipes, nutrition facts, and more at The Incredible Edible Egg site  
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