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How To Frost Cupcakes Like a Pastry Queen

Posted Sep 28 2010 6:30am

After I posted the initial recipe for brown sugar buttercream , I’ve had a ton of emails asking if I could do some sort of frosting “how-to” tutorial on the blog. I promise, friends, it’s really not as hard as it looks to pipe out professional fluffy clouds of frosting yourself.

All you need for this little project is a large plastic bag, a pastry tip (you can get this at Michaels for about two dollars), a large rubber spatula and a bowlful of frosting. Mmmmmm frosting.

So gather your utensils and meet me back here stat. I’ll show you how to do this:

And this!

And, in my classroom, licking the spoon (or whisk attachment) is completely okay and, actually, totally mandatory for success.

Did you gather your supplies?

Large plastic baggie:

Pastry tip (I like to use a large star tip for most cupcakes because it’s fun):

Rubber spatula:

Bowl o’ frosting:

I found another simple recipe for buttercream (if you don’t feel like going the sugar syrup route) here . You could also tweak that to do half shortening and half butter if that more floats your boat. Shortening is great because it’s way more stable than butter, making it ideal to frost wedding cakes and other lovely confections with. For you vegans out there, I’ve also tried to use the Earth Balance “buttery sticks” and it’s worked out very nicely as well.

So, now it’s go time. Snip off the very tip of your plastic bag and stick the pastry tip in, like so:

The tip should just be able to fit…you don’t want it loose or else the frosting will squeeze out! Now, fill the bag half full with frosting, squeeze out the extra air and seal shut.

Get your cupcake ready! Or cake, or cookie or….arm.

Hold the bag with both hands about an inch above the cupcake. The hand you use to write with should be on the bottom and you should have a pretty good grip on the bag. Squeeze a little bit with your bottom hand so that you have a dollop of frosting down. Now, as you continue to squeeze, move your hand in a circular motion around the top of the cupcake.

It might take a few cupcakes until you get it down, but once you do, you’ll be a frosting queen (or king?) forever. Use these cupcakes to impress boyfriends, husbands, bosses, parents, friends and apartment leasing agents.

Happy Tuesday!

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