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how to eat to lose weight fast and have the energy for exercise?

Posted by Bonapheakdey N. Facebook

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Many people want to lose weight and have a flatter stomach, but if you are frustrated in this effort it may simply be because you do not have the right plan.  Here, you will discover 3 key elements to a natural weight loss plan and happily, sit-ups are not part of it. 

Most people think you have to do lots of exercise for natural weight loss and hundreds of sit-ups for a flatter stomach.  Actually sit-ups just strengthen the abdominal muscles, but they don't eliminate belly fat. With crunches you are making the stomach firmer, but if too much fat surrounds the muscles then you will never get the sleek abdominal muscles you seek.  

Here are 3 key elements to natural weight loss and a flatter stomach:
1.  Only 15% of the equation is exercise--You need at least 20 minutes of cardio and a few minutes of weight training 3 days a week or more.  The cardio burns fat and the weight training increases your metabolism.  Of course, if you are following that exercise with soft drinks or candy-colored sport drinks instead of natural health drinks, then you are not doing yourself any favors. 

2.  35% of the mix for achieving natural weight loss is proper nutrition.  For optimal results, you need whole foods, which include complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.  You also need additional fats and protein, but not as much as most people think.  In fact, you can get all the fat and protein you need from a plant based diet. 

3.  THE BIG SECRET TO NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS AND A FLATTER STOMACH - 50% of your results will come from detoxifying the liver.  As you take in acid forming foods and other toxins, the liver gets backed up and is unable to process more fats.  Then the fat starts to accumulate around the liver.  For women, it quickly goes to the hips and thighs.  For men, the fat sits in the belly. 

The real secret to natural weight loss is to detox or cleanse internal organs and tissues daily with specific health drinks while nourishing with whole foods.  So, the most important step is to find completely natural health drinks that generate daily cleansing for the liver and whole foods that provide the most nutrition without empty calories.  

To find the right health drinks for daily detox and concentrated whole foods for natural weight loss, search online. These specialized products are not usually sold at retail health food stores because the average consumer does not understand their benefits, but now you know more than the average consumer.
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