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How To Eat Enough Calories on a Vegan Raw Foods Diet

Posted Feb 11 2010 10:05pm

May 28th, 2009

Hello Raw Diet fans!

Today I received a question, “I was curious if anyone has found difficulty in eating adequate calories on a vegan raw foods diet. I tried doing Doug Grahams 80/10/10 diet today and don’t feel hungry whatsoever. I ate ONLY sweet fruit and honestly feel great. but i only ate like 600 calories which is strange. is it recommended to really eat a certain amount even if you don’t feel hungry at all? thanx =D”

Response by Mike Snyder:

Calories are interesting! They don’t neccesarily apply to raw and living foods.

A Calorie is a measurement, a unit of heat. 1 calorie = 4.18400 joules

A calorie is “a unit of food energy”

Another definition, “Food energy is the amount of energy in food that is available through digestion. Like other forms of energy, food energy is expressed in calories or joules.”

Another definition says “Any of several approximately equal units of heat, each measured as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1°C from a standard initial temperature, especially from 3.98°C, 14.5°C, or 19.5°C, at 1 atmosphere pressure. Also called gram calorie, small calorie.”

Since living foods are not subjected to heat, there is no way to measure them.

The calorie theory does not apply to living foods because they are never heated, so the unit of heat cannot be measured.

If you define a calorie as Food Energy, then living foods are the most calorie rich diet on earth.

> i ate ONLY sweet fruit

That’s not really 80 10 10. The 80 10 10 diet includes about 2 pounds of leafy greens, vegetables, and non-sweet fruits per day.

The best way to consume adequate Food Energy per day is to blend, juice, and sprout. The sprouts have the most Food Energy out of any other food, especially when measured by Kirlian cameras. Fresh vegetable juices allow you to consume 2 pounds of vegetables in one pint of juice. The juice gives you 99% of the nutrients, the only thing missing is the fiber. If you’re eating predominately raw foods, you don’t need fiber at every meal, some meals should be vegetable juice only.

Most Americans eat no fiber. They only eat white bread, meat, and cheese. No fiber!

If you are eating Boutenko Green Smoothies, Wigmore Energy Soup, and other blended foods on a daily basis, it is easy to consume adequate calories. If you are only eating whole fruits and salads, it will be very difficult to consume adequate quantites, because you will spend all day chewing. Boutenko said something about how Chimpanzee’s spend half of their day chewing leafy greens. Human’s are too busy to spend half their day chewing greens, so the only other option is to blend or juice.

Hope this helps!

To read more, please check out my free eBook titled “Getting Started with the Raw Foods Diet” available at

~ Mike Snyder

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