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how to eat better and dont be fat?

Posted by ritha4508

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That is a good question and one that most people struggle with on a regular basis.  Here are 5 essential steps to healthy nutrition:

1.  Keep your colon clean-Cut down or eliminate meat and dairy, eat more fiber.

2.  Eat more whole foods and alkaline foods and consume fewer simple carbs and acid forming foods.   To learn what are alkaline foods, take the free alkaline food test

3.  Drink, drink, drink-Not just water, but healthy drinks that make your water intake more beneficial.  It is very important to eliminate sodas and junky sports drinks made with chemical isolates.  Also, be careful with caffeine and alcohol.

4.  Think about how to get more nutrition in fewer calories with concentrated foods.

5.  Eat frequent, small amounts rather than 3 big meals each day.

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