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How To Create Amazing Relationships

Posted Nov 09 2012 7:00am

We go to relationships to give and share. In order to do so, you must first be giving to yourself what you giving to others. If you are not, you will find that you are drained and empty at times. It’s not that it is your family and friends fault, it’s just human nature, as you have to continually fill yourself with love, honor, trust, respect, compassion, and a huge one is forgiveness. You will find if you start doing this, you will start to have Amazing relationships!

Sometimes, life gets so busy that we  don’t realize that some of our relationships need extra love and care. In order for any relationship to grow we must be nurturing it, just like a plant. You have to water, give it sunlight and other things to make it grow, if you don’t…it dies. That is true for all of our relationships as well. Here is a recipe that you can do everyday with your loved ones and friends, that will take your relationships from good to an Amazing one!

Recipe for an Amazing Relationship:

~ unlimited amounts of love

~ heaping doses of trust, honor, respect & honesty

~ forgiveness as needed, including yourself

~ unlimited amounts of hugs & kisses

~ heaping doses of laughter & smiles

~ overflowing cups of giving & sharing

~ heaping doses of tenderness & compassion

~ overflowing amounts of praise

~ consistent amounts of listening attentively

~ overflowing cups of appreciation

~ heaping doses of please, thank you and I am sorry as needed

~ unlimited amounts of saying, ‘I love you’

~ stir in gratitude consistently

~ fair amounts of compromise

~ stir in lots of fun

Sift together as often as desire. Enjoy!

We were meant to live an Amazing life. That includes having the relationships that are Amazing with your spouse and your children, etc.  The 1st step in doing so is to really love yourself and embrace your true magnificence and then share the best You!

I would love to hear some of the ingredients that you add in making a good relationship into an Amazing one. Please comment below, thanks!


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