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How to Boil Water

Posted Jul 05 2010 11:03pm

How to Boil Water

This book includes: Shows beginning cooks how to do just what the title implies – and a lot more – without a hint of intimidations. Features classic comfort foods such as no-flip fried eggs and soul-soothing grilled cheese for one and bolder ethnic recipes like Tacos Picadillo and Southeast Asian Beef Salad. Recipes are written in a clear step-by-step style. Bold photography shows must-know techniques for whisking measuring chopping an onion and more. Most recipes come with upgrades – spin-offs from the basic recipes that help the cook branch out and personalize the dish.Hardcover with dust jacket 256 pages

3 Stars Great Cookbook – Poor Binding
I bought this cookbook in order to help teach my son how to cook and give him something to take with him when he leaves the house. We used it for just a couple months and pages just fell out. We have to carry it around carefully in order to stop whole sections from falling out when you walk from the shelf to the table (for example). I thought my son was just mistreating the book, but since I bought 4 or 5 other cookbooks at the same time and none of them have had the same problem, I have to believe it’s a binding issue with this one.

The content is really good though. I love the way things are broken down and all the pictures that go with the recipes. This is an excellent book for a beginning cook – I just wish they would have done a better job on the binding.

5 Stars Excellent beginner cookbook
I bought the cookbook for my son who will be living in his own apartment soon. I think it will be a great resource. I wish I had a cookbook like this about 30 years ago.

4 Stars Good book if you know your ingredients!
I bought this book because I am absolutely and totally clueless in the kitchen. I do love that this book goes over the basics, including what pans you need, etc. The recipes are great too. However I don’t like how it doesn’t describe what the dish can guess from the ingredients. Also, I considering I don’t cook, I have no idea what half the ingredients are, so when I go to the store I’m going to be wandering around trying to figure it out. Doesn’t work to well when you have a 18 month old.

5 Stars great
Very good and easy to follow step by step directions for a first time cook. Great pictures on cooking basics.

The tofu sesame is out of this world yummy!!!!

5 Stars Outstanding cookbook
This was purchased as a gift for my post-college niece who had requested a cookbook for someone who was cooking-challenged. This book fit the bill! Everything about this cookbook was done well, especially the pictures and instructions. Nice hardback cover and quality paper was used. I wouldn’t mind having one for myself (and I’ve been cooking for over 40 years)

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