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How Safe Are Herbal Supplements And Natural Calcium Supplements?

Posted Jul 31 2011 4:07pm
Including both herbal supplements and calcium supplements in the diet can have serious benefits. Whether the supplements help with sleeplessness or chronic fatigue, there are excellent reasons to include them in a daily health and wellness regimen. With a little common sense and an eye toward safety, herbal supplements can deliver a natural alternative to lots of drugs and foods being sold today.

Herbal supplements and natural calcium supplements are a hot topic today when discussing health. Marketing propaganda abounds with claims that some supplements can cure everything from the common cold to cancer. In fact, though, herbal and calcium supplements have been used in a number of forms through history. Western medicine is now taking more seriously the consumption of herbs as promising treatments for an assortment of ailments.

It is undeniable that many herbal supplements and especially calcium supplements do have well-documented effects, both positive and negative. Because it is possible for certain ingredients to interact with drugs, it is important to point out any supplements being taken, including vitamins, when speaking with a doctor or pharmacist. Health conditions, including pregnancy, can be affected by anything consumed, so a medical professional should be a resource for gaining an awareness of which herbal supplements ought to be avoided and which ones are justified. For example, a medical doctor may recommend calcium supplements as part of a healthy pregnancy nutrition program, but there are supplements that can cause complications when undergoing medical procedures, such as surgery. Again, thoughtful examination and awareness are the main tools a consumer has when making decisions about their health.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine keeps a list of herbal supplements, calcium supplements, and alternative medicines that are currently under review, so double checking this resource helps the consumer keep away from dubious choices.
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