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How often do you ask about nutritional content?

Posted by Nirmala N.

I was recently reading that the state of California has made it mandatory for fast-food chains to have their nutritional content provided to them at the point of purchase by customer service. Do you think this will be effective as far as helping to promote better health goes? Do you think it's totally pointless? And do you actually inquire about nutritional content when you're at a restaurant?
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Almost Never. I figure if it's at a fast food restaurant, it's bound to be high in fat and calories. The only place that has nutritional information worth paying attention to, in my opinion, is Subway. If you get a sub there without cheese or dressing on it, then you could actually do pretty well. The key is to get oil and vinegar on your sub and not the thick sauce (which I do get sometimes, because it can be quite yummy). I saw in Supersize Me that some McDonald's salads have just as much fat as their hamburgers, so don't be fooled by what may appear to be a healthier choice.
I do my research online. When I started during the past year to really focus on my calorie intake, I found it easiest to pick some of my favorite foods and beverages from the places I tend to frequent and look for their nutritional content listings online. Starbucks and Dunking Donuts are among them, and it helps me choose if I really should eat something there, or if I do, what I should eat. I definitely think that nutritional information should be available at fast food restaurants, in chain restaurant menus, and online.
Probably never. While I can't recall ever asking for nutritional content information where I'm dining at, I do look online as Kristen does. I've checked out the charts for some of my favorite places and know what I can safely splurge on. If you seldom eat out, you may not want to know.
If I'm In the Mood. I have the McDonald's and Starbucks lists at home in the drawer with my Weight Watchers point counter. If I'm keeping tabs, I'll consult it, but if I just want a greasy Big Mac, chances are I don't want to know the dirty details!
If it's there. If it's there, I look, and it might influence my decision of what to order. If it's not there, I don't ask.
No. I think I have a pretty good idea of the nutritional content of restaurant food. I never go to fast food places because I don't like the taste or the quality. However, I noticed that more and more restaurants in Northern California are serving local produce and local meat, which I like because it's fresh not packaged.

While I think it's great they have to tell people what is in their food, the true way forward on every level is to avoid fast food chains altogether. There is absolutely nothing healthy or ethical about eating at McDonalds, no matter what it might say on their label. If you want fast food, get some hummus and rice cakes, or some fruit....if you are serious about eating healthy.

I'm with Lela. Chances are if I'm at a fast food restaurant, I don't want to know the nitty gritty! However, having the nutritional content provided is not a bad idea and it could do some good for everyone to know what they're ingesting. Perhaps there are people who don't even know their choices aren't great ones. Having the information available might get them thinking.
I hear it's for restaurants that have like, more than 15 branches. Well, I like knowing what's the deal with what I eat. I guess it steers me away from the worst choices and when I'm really watching myself, I do go for the low-salt, low carb options. I also appreciate that a mom and pop Italian eatery I like offers low carb pasta with no extra charge. The problem is, I don't think it works with sauces very well... they just kind of sit there.
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