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How many sodas a week is too many?? Is it better to eat before or after excercise and how long??

Posted by Letra

I've been trying to kick the soda habit for some years now. I also try to excercise as much as possiblle from week to week not too muchnot to little I wa sunder the impression that excercise after you eat is way better than before but I have people begging to differ with that so i'll ask you guys help me out and give me some feedback.
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In a word, the answer is ONE is too many sodas per week.  Soda provides absolutely no benefit to the body and only tears it down.  First, the sugar in sodas supresses the immune system for up to 12 hours by as much as 50%.  Second, the phosphoric acid in sodas wreaks havoc on pH balance.  The pH level of the acid in soda is equivalent to battery acid.  This causes the body to leach calcium from bones in order to neutralize the acid.  To learn more about the benefits of maintaining a healthy pH balance, and to find healthy alternatives for sodas, please take my FREE Alkaline Food Test

Here is the answer to the other part of your question about eating and exercise.  In general, it is best to eat within 30 minutes after exercise.  However, it is also important to have plenty of fuel in your system when you do exercise.  It is best to eat low fat, healthy complex carbs with as few calories as possible before exercise.  In other words, avoid simple carbs like sugary breads, bars and cereals.  Instead, eat fruits and vegetables before exercise for long lasting energy, and be sure to get enough carbs, calories and protein afterward.  You don't need high protein snack bars like they sell at the health club.  Those have way too much protein for most people and include other chemical isolates that don't help the body in the long run. There are other healthy snacks you can choose that will provide healthier long, lasting energy for workouts.

For more about what not to eat before exercise, read this article:

No Health Food Found In Health Clubs



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