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How Lindsay Lohan is helping me eat better

Posted by Christopher C.

I've been looking for a way to jump-start my plan to eat better this autumn. A couple of weeks ago Lindsay Lohan exited rehab for the thrid time this year. When this happened, I decided to use Lindsay as my motivation for giving up sugar.

The deal is as long as Lindsay stays clean, sober and out of the tabloids, I'm giving up the sweet treats that tempt me so. That means no sodas, cakes, pastrys, pies or candy bars until she falls off the wagon.

Why Lindsay? I needed a fun way to motivate myself. Competing with a star that I will never meet seemed like the perfect trick. The idea is to get me over the hump of craving sugar. When/if Lindsay does fall off the wagon, it is likely that I will continue the sugar fast. but in the short term it's a lot easier to say I will outlast Lindsay than to say "I will never have sugar again"

I'll let you know how it goes.

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How creative! I love it when people find motivation in the darndest places! Playful experiments can become surefire dieting plans, though, so good luck to both you and Lindsay! Although breaking the sugar fast after Lindsay falls off the wagon does seem a bit heartless. Maybe you can hold out for at least a couple days? ;)
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