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How do you lose five pounds in a month?

Posted by sam

I am gaining wait and I don't want to gain anymore. I have stayed at 140 for a month or two, but I am not looking very healthy.
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Weight loss is simple, assuming you do not have any other biological factors that would interfere with your weight loss. To lose weight, you need to consume less calories than your body needs in order to maintain weight on any given day. For example, I know for a fact that I need at least 2050 calories in order to maintain my weight. If I wanted to lose weight, I would need to eat less than 2050 calories in a day. With exercise, you can also burn off calories. It does not even need to be excessive exercise, just go for a 30 minute walk each day. I don't want to get all scientific about it, but the amount of calories you burn in a day is different for each individual. Consult with your doctor and possibly a dietician (sometimes known as a nutritionist). They might help you come up with a meal plan that would help you lose a healthy amount of weight. Also, look up the definition for "BMR"...not to be confused with "BMI". It is good that you are aiming to lose 5 pounds in one month. A healthy amount of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Anything more than that will most likely result in you gaining back the weight. I could go on forever about this, so I will stop here. But I can answer more questions if you have any. Good luck.
Follow this natural weight loss plan. It's how I lost 30 poounds in 30 days, plus kept it off for more than 10 years.  My mother-in-law lost 32 pouns in a matter of months with this plan.
I really hate this answer.  this guy is trying to sale a product., and all Sam wants to do is lose weight.  Why can't someone just come up with a health diet plan for a few weeks of regular food
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