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How Do Whole Foods Promote Better Fitness?

Posted Sep 09 2012 6:42pm

Do you know that whole foods are more valuable than exercise to your health and fitness?

Bear Grylls, host of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel says, “Fifteen years ago, they used to think your performance was 80 percent training, 20 percent nutrition. And now they reckon its 75 percent nutrition, 25 percent training”. Since most of your athletic potential comes from your diet, it makes sense to take advantage of whole food nutrition plus exercise.

Here are a few suggestions for ramping up your athletic performance:
  • Cleanse the cells and tissues of your body with proper hydration.  By consuming concentrated health drinks , you can cleanse the body of toxins you take in each day from air and water contamination, poor dietary choices and other pollutants.           
  • Nourish the cells and tissues of your body with the highest quality whole food s.  This means taking in nutrients that boost metabolism and generate long-lasting energy.  For healthy energy, complex carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals from whole foods last longer and are more productive in the long run than energy drinks with caffeine. 
  • Of course, cardiovascular exercise is crucial for fitness.  Cardio exercises pump oxygen to the muscles. Cardiovascular exercises that involve the large muscles, such as your legs, are most productive.
  • Stretching and resistance training lead to greater longevity, stamina and endurance. Studies show that regular resistance training will strengthen and tone muscles and increase bone mass.  Stretching is what you need to do keep those muscles flexible and avoid injury.
  • Rest and recovery are also important for the body to regenerate cells and muscle tissue. So, cleansing plus cardio and resistance training along with proper nourishment from whole foods, plus rest and recovery will lead to peak athletic performance.

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