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How do I stop the cravings of wanting to eat sweets late at night?

Posted by calbony

I am 54 yrs old. I don't eat during the day. i'm just not hungry at all. I eat a late supper, which makes me feel tired afterwards, and I have to lay down, propped up with 3 pillows so I can digest. After awhile all I think about is sweets. I don't have ice cream, pies, sweet cookies, chocolate, etc in my home, so I will make a peanut butter and jam whole wheat sandwich, or a bowl of non sugery cereal. I love Raisin Bran, Cheerios, etc. I am also a night eater. I get up during the night, and find anything to eat..usually the cereal, or sandwich. In the morning I find bread pieces, spilled cereal on the floor by my bed. not remembering how the food got there. I think I have also fallen asleep many times while eating in bed.  I've tried so often to stop on  my own, and I end up staying awake all night, which is extrememly frustrating. Any suggestions on how to stop the sweet cravings very late, and during the night?


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Cravings are caused by your body trying to find balance.  When you eat too many salty, sugary, or fatty foods, your body tries to compensate in the other direction.  I have had similar problems with cravings for sweets, but I found that whole food concentrates like work wonders to satisfy my hunger while providing exceptional nutrition in very few calories.
Thank you very much for your reply. there's one thing I don't understand though...What are whole food concentrates? Can you please give me some examples? I really want to stop eatings sweets while I am in in bed. It's like a nightly ritual. I never crave sweets during the day though.
The best concentrated whole foods are powder formulas made from whole food ingredients that have had the water and fiber removed.  They are activated when you mix them with liquid.  They are instantly absorbed by the body, curbing hunger, reducing cravings and building lean muscle tissue.  Do an online search for "concentrated whole foods" to learn more.
One suggestion is to replace your ritual with something else.  Make a nice cup of tea, heat some unsweetened vanilla or chocolate almond milk in a mug, read a book, write in your journal... Within time, you may find that you look forward to these just as much!
Thank you so much :0)
Thank you..I will look it up.

I used to do this, too. The good news is, you can break this disordered eating cycle.

Chances are that you aren't hungry during the day because you are stuffing yourself at night which is terrible for your metabolism and your sleep cycle. In fact, not getting enough sleep actually increases your cravings for these sugary fixes because your body tries to compensate for its lack of energy due to improper rest.

 Being tired makes it so much harder for anyone to resist sugary snacks.

To avoid these strong cravings at night, you need to keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day. The best way to do this is by having 4-6 regular small meals (I like to call them feedings:) throughout the day. These can include those things you like to eat.

 Start the day with cereal and have your PB&J for lunch. After a healthy dinner, have a piece of chocolate or something that you can look forward to! Having two cookies after dinner is actually much healthier than eating a sandwich or cereal or other things late at night because you don't have access to something that will actually satisfy you.

 It may also help, before you eat anything to ask yourself  " What do I really need right now?" If the answer isn't food then call a friend, go for a walk, read or go to bed!  


 All you need is one day of healthy, regular 'feedings' and a night off of your normal routine to prove that you can change this nasty habit. If you have to lock yourself in your room right after dinner to avoid further snacking then do what you need to do. Remind yourself before you pick your lock that you can eat it tomorrow(whatever it may be). 

You deserve to enjoy adequate food and rest. You can do it. Good Luck!


Not eatng regular meals during the day is setting you up for night eating! If you eat breakfast and lunch you wont be as hungry at night. Eating at night is also decreasing your apetite during the day, so it becomes a viscous circle. Eat breakfast! Eat lunch! Do it regardless of your hunger, your body might take a couple of weeks to catch up with your actions, but if you do the right actions you will set yourself up for success at night. This will also help your metabolism and your body compostion, in other words, it will help you maintain your muscle mass and decrease your body fat levels by keeping your metabolism ticking along at a good rate during the day. Skipping meals during the day slows down your basal metabolic rate, the rate at which you burn calories at rest. Digesting food costs your body calories, so eating regular meals keeps your metabolism higher.
Great post to read. My advice would be to divert your mind to some other food which might decrease your craving for sweets. If you don't eat your food on time then you will get hungry late at night. Eating foods on time can help you get rid of your late night eatings.
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