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How do I stop "habit" eating????

Posted by Kristen D.

I'm getting desperate at this point. Even just tonight I told myself, "I'm not going to snack. Just going to surf the web a bit, read a magazine, and go to bed." And right now I'm here eating a small bowl of cereal (it's low-fat and organic, if that' helps, at least). I guess I am a little bit hungry, but it's clearly too late to be eating, and I know this is one of my habit eating episode. This cereal (along with soft pretzels) is a comfort food of mine. Help me, how can I kick this habit? I need all the advice I can get....
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How about not bringing home food that you would eat as 'habit food?'. It did work for me. I stopped getting stuff I tended to eat as an in-between snack even when I was not hungry. Because it was not there, I could not be tempted.
You have to develop new habits. I really believe the only way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. You have to keep busy in other ways. Also, buy some gum.
Habit eat on healthy food!. If you snack on some almonds or organic dried fruit, it will fill you up in a healthy way. There is actually nothing wrong with snacking provided it is done in a healthy way.
Is it serious?. If this is something you are really serious about, get hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is perfect for those kind of addictions. There are also good subliminal CDs available that you can listen to.
You don't. Chances are you probably won't stop eating that little snack before bedtime. I do the same thing and it was always a small bowl of cereal. I've switched to having a some fruit or raw veggies instead. I decided it was the crunch that I was after and as long as I got that I was okay.
You should try subliminals.  With consistant use, you will start to notice that you are not snacking out of habit.  It takes a few weeks to change a habit, and you can replace your bad habit with a positive one.  This method has worked for many and is pretty easy and effortless.
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