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how do i quit smoking without gaining weight?

Posted by clarence mason Facebook

best foods  to stop cravings  ?
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Hi Clarence, As a former smoker I know how difficult it is to break the habit.  I tried many things, but here's what worked for me when I quit in 1995.


First, I took up a sport that made me breathe heavy and that I really enjoyed.  For me it was mountain biking, but it could be anything you enjoy doing that gets the heart pumping and the breath flowing.  This will help you confirm why you are quitting smoking, so that you can breathe better in all that you do, among other reasons.

Next, I started drinking Chinese herbal tea whenever I wanted a cigarette.  This made my cravings disappear almost instantly. 

Then, I started using whole food concentrates, like Nuplus.  Nuplus is made from Chinese herbs concentrated into little packets of powder that can be mixed with liquid of any kind.  As you drink it, the body feels satisfied and cravings vanish over time.  In fact, Nuplus was mentioned in a book about drug addictions in the 1980's as one of the best tools to help addicts obtain relief from cravings, naturally.

You won't find Nuplus in very many stores, but you can check for it at "online health food stores".   Best of all, it is low in calories with no sugar or artificial ingredients of any kind.  It is an excellent tool for weight loss, too.


First, you need to have a plan and be honest with exactly what type of person you are. What is it about smoking that really got you hooked? You need to have a physical outlet like working out and best to commit to doing this with a friend or partner so you stick with it but you also need to create a bit of a crutch for just dealing with the 'oral fixation' or having something to do part of the habit.

 I've had clients who had success with flavoured tooth picks on hand to chew on, organic lollipops and even just a paper straw. It's those moments of weakness, after meals, when you wake up or if you drink that may have you itching to have something in your hand.

Also don't allow grains or any refined carb at all as a snack or meal option when in the throes of quitting, they will just keep you coming back for more. Look for good options like nitrite free jerkies, fruit or better yet a toothpick ; )

 By the way congratulations on wanting to quit - that is the first and most important step - being motivated.




When you quit smoking, a gain of between 5 and 10 pounds during the first few months of cessation is normalprocess.  But try to maintain your eating habits same as they were when you smoked, you can easily shed this small gain with a brisk, 30 minute walk daily. Try to Put snacks together ahead of time so that when the munchies hit, can have the alternatives to fulfil.

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