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How can I lose 6 inches of fat from my waist?

Posted by ngermany1010

i am getting married in 8 months and i want to be comfortable in my gown. I want to lose about 6 inches off my waist.
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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  It's great that you are giving yourself some time to get in the shape that you want for your big day.

The first step in any weight loss program, and especially to lose belly fat, is to detox the liver.  You need to take a close look at your diet and eliminate as many toxins as possible.  Processed foods, meats, cheeses, foods with high sodium, fats and cholesterol need to be cleaned out of your refrigerator and your food pantry.  Get them out of sight, out of mind and you'll be less likely to indulge in them. Also, to detox the liver, I recommend drinking Calli tea every day.  Out of all the health food store teas and products, this is one tea that begins working right away and is gentle enough to use every day.  That's the other part of the secret to losing belly fat, you need to detox daily, not just once or twice, but every day.

Next, you'll want to nourish the body with high quality nutrients that offer more beneifts with fewer calories.  I recommend CONCENTRATED natural, whole food formulas.

Once you begin cleansing and nourishing the body properly, you'll notice dramatic results quickly. Keep in mind that many people have an extra 20-30 pounds of water weight.  To flush it out, you need to replace the waste water in your cells and tissues, with fresh, clean healthy water.  So, drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  Better yet, fortify your water with fat flushing health drinks that get things moving even faster.

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