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How can I eat 1000 to 1300 calories and still feed a growing family?

Posted by jordie

I need to be on a 1000 to 1300 calorie diet plan I need help, I need to eat 6 sm. meals according to my dietitian. This has been difficult. Help please.


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It sounds like you need a nutritionist not a dietitian otherwise your question would have already been answered.

It's very hard to comment on your individual case without more details - at that level you will have to make every calorie count and make sure every mouthfull is as full of nutrients as possible.

Otherwise you will suffer from cravings as your body tries every trick to get you to provide the nutrients it needs to run your vital organs.

The more stressed you get the harder it will be to absorb nutrients and you could end up in a very viscious circle.

You don't say why you can't excercise.....

Successfull sustainable weight loss is best achieved with a 3 pronged attack, optimum nutrition,  emotional support and fat burning exercise.

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