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How big is big?

Posted Feb 01 2008 12:46pm 2 Comments
When it comes to portion sizes, "big" is truly big, especially compared to what "big" meant years ago.

Ponder these outrageous (but true) examples*:

- In the 1970's, 7-11 stores sold soda pop in 12 and 20 ounce
sizes. In 1988 they introduced the Double Gulp which was ½ gallon
(64 ounces)!

- In 1954, Burger King sold one size of French fries, called
regular at 2.6 ounces, today that's the small size. How about the
king at 6.8 ounces!

- Get this one...Starbuck's originally offered a "Short" 8 ounce
coffee, which is no longer sold. Now your choices are Tall (12 oz),
Grande (16 oz) or Venti (20 oz).

- Think about this 1984, the recipe for Toll House Chocolate
Chip Cookies on the bags of Nestle's chocolate chips made 100
cookies. Three years later, in 1987, the exact same recipe only
made 60 cookies!

Need more convincing? Click on the following links to take 2 short
quizzes which will test your knowledge of portion size. Try your
hand at guessing the calories contained in some of these foods...
you'll be surprised! ... p;number=1

How often do you see the words "Super size", "Value-sized", "King
size", "Jumbo-sized" or just plain "Big" and think you are getting a
great deal?

All of these certainly give the impression that bigger is better,
don't they?

It all comes down to what your description of better is...MORE FOOD
for the money, or MORE CALORIES for the money?

Chew on that one for awhile!

*Source: The Portion Teller by Lisa Young.
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Or better yet! Don't eat fast food at all!
And still better have natural and organic food.
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