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How Aromatherapy Can Help You Spend Less Time at the Doctors Office

Posted Aug 24 2013 10:02pm



What comes to mind when you hear the word “aromatherapy”? If you are like most people you immediately think of candles, perfume and other nice smells. However, did you know that the aromatherapy is really much more than that? So while it’s not wrong to refer to the usage of scented candles, lotions and other smells as aromatherapy. The usage of essential oils for healing and wellness is a much more accurate and complete description of aromatherapy.

That said, how can you as a mom or caregiver of children use the power of aromatherapy and essential oils to spend less time at the doctors office both for yourself and for your children?

Here are some basic tips you can apply using the power of essential oils for healing and wellness from common everyday problems:

About AnnaLaura Brown ( 1 Posts )

AnnaLaura Brown is a health coach who helps people manage and control their health using essential oils and other natural forms of medicine instead of drugs. She specializes in allergies, asthma and autism and has personally struggled with all three of these and strives to help others realize that you don't have to use drugs for these and you can live a happy and productive life despite health challenges.

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