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How Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Drinks Combat Indigestion

Posted Sep 13 2010 8:07pm
A diet rich in alkaline foods and alkaline drinks will help the body douse the flames of excess acid that contribute to indigestion, heartburn and acid-reflux. Humans are designed to maintain the perfect pH balance in the blood, and the more we enable that by consuming the correct balance of alkaline foods and alkaline drinks, the better our digestive health.

The challenge is that most people choose too many foods and beverages that leave an acidic residue in the body. Bread, meat, sweets, and processed foods are among the most acid forming. Soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks, coffee and alcohol are the most common acid forming drinks. This refers to the acid or alkaline residue left behind by the foods or drinks consumed. For example, citrus fruit is thought of as acidic, but oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are among the best alkaline foods to consume because they leave an alkaline ash.

The burning sensation from heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion is a sign that the body is overly exerting itself to manage the correct pH balance. With alkaline foods and alkaline drinks you can douse the flames because then the digestive system has the most effective tools to neutralize the acid. Nutritionists advise that the healthiest balance is best achieved by sticking to a diet of about 80% alkaline foods or alkaline drinks and only 20% acid foods.

A diet that is deficient in components from alkaline foods can contribute to a tired, bloated, and lethargic feeling after eating. An overly acidic body can also suffer from premature aging, arthritis, and osteoperosis. Alkaline foods and alkaline drinks give the body a fighting chance to take care of itself most effectively.

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