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How about a healthy fast food restaurant?

Posted by Stephanie B.

I'm just waiting for a company to unveil a healthy fast food restaurant that sells reasonably priced organic foods that are good for you. Could this be too difficult to do? I know it can't be perfect - fast food has some limitations to it - but if we want to see people get healthier in this country, we need to find a way to make healthy food cheap and fast.

Just a thought...

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I have been trying to get funding to start a healthy food, drive through restaurant for the past year. If anyone interested in being partners or can advise on where I can source a funder for this business, Please contact: 


Thank you:) 

It would be so great, wouldn't it?  And I've wanted to do this for years.  We had one in Newport Beach, but it closed down quickly.  The main reason is cost.  Healthy, fresh foods are typically more expensive to cook and serve.  Also, unfortunately, the demand is not as high as for your typical fast food.  It's a matter of marketing and education.  Perhaps grocery stores chains could add a "healthy fast food" drive-through window... they have the marketing power and the distribution system already in place.  I truly believe that the grocery store chains hold the solution to solving obesity in this country: they DO have the power.

Not sure where everyone is posting from but in the Salt Lake, Utah area here are a few choices: - they call this a way to eat healthy on a tight schedule. I have been here, although I have not done the drive thru - there are NO fryers in this eatery. The prices were not bad, the service was good, and the baked sweet potatoe fries were AWESOME - so was the salmon sandwich - this is a new drive thru or sit in sushi and teriyaki place. The founder of this establishment is also the founder of Ichiban Sushi. Very high quality - tastes great. The pink power roll is awesome and 2.99 for a 4 pc or 5.99 for an 8 pc. I have not done the drive thru here either. They deliver this "zushi" each day to our local grocery store, Dick's in Centerville. - is in Orem, Utah located within the good earth store. This does not have a drive thru but the service was fast and friendly. Prices were a little higher than those listed above if you eat the whole meal at one sitting but the $7.25 Turkey AVO Wrap was enough for me for 2 meals making the price easier. The meals here are served with a choice of fresh fruit or chips and fresh salsa (very very good).

 Hope this assists anyone in the Salt Lake Area or anyone visiting. :) Many Blessings!

The hot food bar at my local Whole Foods looks consistently disgusting. It's filled with soupy, goopy, unknowably items and filler junk. And that's supposed to be a healthy store! Baja Fresh offers cool, fresh salads...if they ever joined the organic bandwagon, that would probably work.
I'm interested to know, what kind of things would you want to see on the Drive-Thru menu? I'm thinking soy milk shakes, for one....
A friend of mine was investigating the possibility a couple of years ago. Unfortunately she wasn't able to carry out the project because of illness. If someone would take this on I think we'd see a huge change take place with the other chains instead of the token fruit bowls they're throwing our way now.
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