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Hot Power Yoga + Blossoming Lotus = a Good Day!

Posted May 19 2012 12:00am
Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

I am up bright and early to give my boys a proper send off to the Maryhill Longboarding Freeride.   Emmet is beyond excited for this event and Steve is being a good sport for taking him 2 1/2 hours away, out in the middle of no-where to skate the "curves."  Please pray that my little boy comes back all in one piece.  Longboarding is Emmet's passion and I am trying to embrace it but would be lying if I said it didn't  scare the bejeezus out of me.  Good Luck E-Man!

This past week has been filled with concerts and field trips.  Zoe sang her little heart out on Thursday and we were able to attend her evening performance at Grant High School.  The choir did an awesome job!

On Friday,  I attended Zoe's school field trip.  We went on the Urban Walking Tour of downtown Portland.

We visited Chinatown,  learned about the time capsules buried around the city and walked by Tent City.

 We stopped at the beautiful Chinese Gardens!

The kids had a great time and so did I!  It was a perfect day for the walking tour and the kids were great.

 I love Portland!

 A great group of kiddos!

I am a bit out of sorts because the boys have left and I am about to drop Zoe off at an all day Girl Scouts event.  That means I have the whole day to myself.  I honestly, don't know when I that last time I spent the day all by myself.  What is a girl to do with herself!
Well.... after I dropped Zoe off I went to a Hot Power Fusion Yoga class at Core Power!  I left the class drenched and relaxed and excited for the day ahead.
I love yoga and have promised myself to make it to a few group classes a week.

I spent some quality time with my dog "Gumbo" at the park. Ran some errands and then stopped at
Blossoming Lotus I ordered a "Live Pizza" with a mixed salad with Ginger Dressing.

Live Pizza
spiced tomato & walnut crust topped with herb pecan pesto, marinated fennel, heirloom tomatoes, and microgreens, drizzled with basil oil  + Avocado

House Mixed Green Salad 
 mixed greens, carrot, beet, cucumber and micro greens*, with creamy sweet ginger dressing 

OMG!  This was the most amazing dinner.  I absolutely love the Blossoming Lotus and wish I could eat there everyday.  Isn't that the most beautiful food you have ever seen??

My tribe should be arriving home any moment and I am so excited.  I have enjoyed my day off but missed  my peeps!

Have a great weekend.

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