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Hot baths up infertility risk in men

Posted by AregM

Men who repeatedly take hot baths or Jacuzzis may be at an increased risk of infertility, the results of a new study indicate. However in some cases, this may be reversible. According to US researchers, while it has long been thought that 'wet heat exposure' is bad for fertility, the actual effect has rarely been documented. "We now have actual evidence to show patients that these activities are a real risk factor for male infertility", said lead researcher, Dr Paul Turek of the University of California, San Francisco. The three-year study involved an analysis of data from infertile men who had been repeatedly exposed to high water temperatures through hot tubs, Jacuzzis or baths. For the purpose of the study, wet heat exposure was defined as the immersion of the body in a hot tub, heated Jacuzzi or bath at a temperature warmer than body temperature, for 30 minutes or more per week, for at least three months prior to participation in the study. ....Continued on
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