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Hoppin’ on the Maca train

Posted Mar 11 2010 9:11pm

It seems a few of you were entertained by the use of my word:


As in…

blueberries (source)

Not to be confused with…

Pamela-Anderson-ps03 (source)


blue-footed-booby2 (source)

Blue footed boobie?

Yeah, moving on…

I recently tried something that’s been floating around the bloggosphere:


Toast topped with coconut butter and Maca! I bought this root powder because some of the benefits really stood out to me:

(According to this site )

  • Increases stamina
  • Increases athletic performance
  • Balances hormones
  • Deeper sleep
  • Balances moods
  • Helps adapt to stress
  • Etc.

Seriously…this root was made for me ;)

My thoughts: I thought it had a milder taste. I was expecting it to pop like cinnamon, but it didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t really taste it until I stuck my finger in the jar and took a big bite. It sort of tasted like dirt…but not as bad. Imagine eating the skin of a potato. That’s what I’d compare it to lol

But like I said, it wasn’t bad and if I can feel the health benefits then it’s worth it :D

Dinner was compliments of Ms. Amy –>


I was excited to discover that Amy’s sells single-serving pizzas!

Comparison size


Yeah…it was a little small for my liking. I’m definitely a volume eater. Hence, the big bowls of veggies you always see.

I first tried this pizza when I was an omnivore (way back in the day ;) ) and I have to say: This is the best non-homemade pizza I’ve ever had. You don’t miss the cheese for one second while you’re eating it.



Uh-mazing. I really want to invest in a dehydrator for the sole purpose of making raw macaroons.

You know the “old cat lady” down the street? I’ll probably end up the “old macaroon lady” down the street. Don’t hate ;)

Have you tried Maca? Do you go with trends in the bloggosphere? If so, what were some of the hits and misses?

Mesquite = hit!

Kombucha = big, big miss

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