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Posted by Jane N.

Hoodia comes from the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The Kalahari tribe use hoodia to stave off hunger when they go on long hunts or expeditions. They chew on the fleshy part of the cactus-like plant that retains water to get the effects. The miracle molecule that apparently does the appetite suppressing has been named P 57. Seemingly, hoodia is now being marketed in America in every shape and form, from capsules to spray and making people millionaires…all for a substance that hasn’t even been clinically proven. I tend to be a skeptic because of the obviously different living situations between here and the Kalahari Desert. Not to mention Americans spend enormous amounts of money every year on diet supplements that don’t work. Perhaps if we were also hunting our food rather than driving through take-out windows we’d be thinner. I don’t mean to be incredibly cynical, but with the insane amounts of supplements out there that don’t do a darn thing, I certainly wouldn’t want to waste my money. No real, valid research has been done on hoodia, and don’t be fooled by the 10 participant studies you often see. My problems with hoodia lie in the fact that since it’s sold as a dietary supplement is slides right past requiring FDA approval. Often times you don’t even know what’s in those supplements. I acknowledge that I very well could be wrong, and hoodia could be the next best discovery since penicillin. For now, I would like to see some great studies, and learn by word of mouth what people say. So let me know! Despite my skepticism, I decided I needed to try a hoodia product myself. After taking it for a few days, I do feel like my hunger decreased slightly. Those that tried it with me said they felt less hungry too. There could be a huge psychological aspect to that though, meaning if we thought we would be less hungry we would feel less hungry. For those who are significantly overweight, or have eating issues, perhaps an appetite suppressant could be helpful. I feel an appetite is important because it’s our body telling us we need nourishment. If you tend to overeat, or eat when bored or out of emotion, then maybe hoodia could help. But like I said, there haven’t been any significant clinical studies done so use at your own risk!
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I really don't know what the side effects are. Honestly, to me it seems like a waste of money at this point, as with any dietary supplement claiming to help you lose weight....but I could be wrong.
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