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Honey Dijon Turkey Collard Wraps

Posted Jan 30 2013 3:10am

On a day when I woke up too late to make my typical healthy delicious lunch, I ran across these Turkey Collard Wraps at PCC Natural Market in suburban Seattle Washington, PCC being a "Ma and Pa" version of Whole Foods.

Treats like Turkey Collard Wraps, is merely another "arrow in my quiver" so to speak, as I accumulate some grain free and gluten free meals into my regiment, although I am letting that process evolve naturally as opposed to forcing it (a quick look at my blog, you'll still see I enjoy a few grains, while utilizing tricks such as papaya enzumes to digest gluten ). Nonetheless, at PCC store, I would also grab a banana and coconut water with this type of lunch to get my "carb fix".

….make enough wraps for the next couple of days, and keep in the fridge, so you don't have to spend time in the morning your "healthy delicious" lunch for work.

Honey Dijon Turkey Collard Wraps

1/2 pasture raised turkey, find local pasture raised turkey near you here
Organic Collard leaves (the larger the better)
1 organic carrot, thinly sliced with a vegetable peeler (AVOID BABY CARROTS!!!!)
1 colorful organic bell pepper
1 handful of sprouts, I prefer baby spinach
1 organic avocado, sliced
Organic Dijon Mustard
Raw Organic Wild Honey, my fav is Soliga (although Manuka is the best) read about fake honey here

organic parsley, 1 bunch (or other fresh herb)

I mix about 2/3 Dijon Mustard to 1/4 Soliga Honey as a cold mix. I like Soliga because is is liquid and pourable, other quality honey you might have to heat up to mix with mustard, which will destroy the nutrients in the honey when heated.

You can add to your wrap whatever floats your "healthy delicious" boat.

Cut the stems off of the bottom of each collard green. To assemble the wrap, place a green onto a large plate or cutting board. Put 2 slices of turkey down to help reinforce the wrap. Add your other filling ingredients on top. Fold the long ends in slightly (about an inch on each side) and then tightly roll. Stick with a toothpick; serve or refrigerate right away.

You can optionally pan fry the whole wrap, or just the turkey in some coconut oil under slow heat if you want as an alternative to cold.


The Healthy Chef's Corner

"The Healthy Chef's"  Deliciously Healthy  Food Tidbits:

Collard greens is one of those vegetables that has high nutrient properties when cooked/steamed, as opposed to raw.

Carrots are also a vegetable that has a high nutrient profile when cooked as well as raq.

Avocados have heen shown to fight both Prostate and Ovarian Cancers.

Real Raw Organic honey, as opposed to cheap commercial honey, has an increadible array of health and healing benefits.





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