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Honey Cupcakes with Marshmallow Icing

Posted Apr 05 2013 6:37am

Happy Friday, friends!

I made these sweet little honey cupcakes the other day and can’t wait to share them with you! They are for the serious honey lover, as in, yes you can taste the honey! They remind me of something one of my favorite little shops in Savannah, the Savannah Bee Company , would serve. I used to think wine tasting was the best until I discovered the world of honey tasting. And speaking of honey tasting, I remember there being the most incredible honey store in Paris that I can’t wait to go back to next month on my honeymoon! I can’t believe I can officially say the words, “next month on my honeymoon”. Wow.

Anyway, back to these cupcakes! They are just lovely and perfect for spring. I paired them with an old fashioned boiled sugar icing that tastes remarkably just like marshmallow fluff.

These cupcakes are really simple to make and the best thing is that you don’t even need to bust out the Kitchen Aid to make them! I love my electric mixer and all, but sometimes it’s nice to not dirty one more bowl, you know?

These cupcakes are not as light and fluffy as typical storebought American cupcakes. The addition of honey makes them a bit denser. They remind me a little of the s’mores cupcakes I made a couple years ago.

Now, a word to the wise about the icing. If you’re unsure if it’s holding stiff peaks while beating, KEEP BEATING. This is where a Kitchen Aid will come in very handy….or at least a handheld mixer. The time it takes for the icing to hold stiff peaks depends on a lot, including the temperature of your kitchen and the humidity outside. I made these on a rather humid day {or, um, humid for the Bay Area…nothing like what I used to get in Florida!}, and it took about 20 minutes of beating on high. Don’t give up! Keep.on.beating.

Hope you guys enjoy these cupcakes and have a great weekend! Adam is on his bachelor party and I have some special house guests coming in town! Also on the agenda is a brunch party, a dinner with some of my favorite blogger gals and I’m cooking at a banquet for 300 people. Lord have mercy. If I don’t report back, send in the troops…or at least a really strong margarita.

The recipe for these little gems can be found over at PBS Food . Love you guys!


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