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Homer Simpson's Diet Criticized

Posted by Dmitriy P.

Found this great post at


When Homer Simpson sees a piece of cake sitting on the floor, he doesn't throw it in the trash and eat a carrot. Instead Homer licks his lips and says "Mmmmm, floor-cake".

Unfortunately two-thirds of parents responding to a recent survey felt that Homer Simpson promoted an unhealthy lifestyle.

Leave Homer and his rounded figure alone. Blaming something on the TV for your child's behavior is a cop out. Go turn the TV off if it's that much of a problem.

Although it seems that many parents have abdicated authority in their homes:

"The poll revealed more than half of parents admitted to succumbing to "pester-power" by buying children their favourite foods.

But 57% said they did so because they feared confrontation."

Of course if Homer had a lean muscular frame, then it would be a tad deceptive - but he doesn't.

Is it that we don't like looking at ourselves? Who are the role models in most kids homes? Cartoon characters or their parents?

What do you think?

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