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Hollywood movies with food theme movies

Posted Jun 15 2010 9:10am 1 Comment

A-good-year-with-Russell-Crowe big-night-food-movie

I was watching “A year under the Tuscan sun” (starring Diane Lane) on television not long ago and I cannot say that I’m a huge fan of the movie, but I quite like the scenes where she was renovating her new Italian home and feeding her renovation crew.

Visiting my friends and family in Europe is always very exciting to me because I know I can expect long multi-course dinners, a lot of wine, a lot of warmth and a lot of laughter.

I so enjoy the art of sitting down and enjoying food and the company that you’re sharing it with.

After watching that movie, I wondered how many other movies had a food theme so I thought of compiling other movies celebrated food or documented the evolution of food.

Here are 12 movies that either celebrate food or document the (sad) evolution of what we eat that I’ve found, but if I’ve forgotten anything, I’d love for you to jump in and add your two cents.

>>> Movies with food theme:

1) Under the Tuscan Sun (Widescreen Edition) (staring Diane Lane): Diane Lane takes a break from her post-divorce life to live without restrain!

2) A Good Year (Widescreen Edition) (with Russell Crowe): Russell Crowe portrays a man looking for a new life. The movie is based on Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence movie.

3) Julie & Julia (with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams): One year in blogger Julie Powell’s life.

4) Chocolat (Miramax Collector’s Series) (with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp): Juliette Binoche seduces villagers in a small French town with her talent for chocolate making.

5) Babette’s Feast : This Danish film was one of the first major film celebrating food as a theme. The idea that a woman who wins at the lottery would want to share that wealth by feeding a whole village by preparing a French dinner is music to my ears.

6) Food, Inc. : This is one of the most powerful films I’ve seen in recent years. If you’ve not seen the review I wrote, you can catch it here: Video review of Food Inc

7) Super Size Me : This documentary following Morgan Spurlock who eats a diet of Mc Donald’s fast food three times a day and gains an insane amount of weight. This shocking documentary won the best director award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival for this jaw-dropping investigation into the health hazards wreaked by our fast food nation.

8 ) King Corn (Green Packaging) (Standard Packaging): This documentary reveals the prevailing nature of corn in our diet and why/how it’s making America extraordinarily fat.

9) Fast Food Nation : This film features Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger and tackles the obesity threat in America. The film was produced by Bryan Yong who lost 40 pounds over two years while making the documentary.

10) The Future of Food : If you’ve wanted to know more about genetic engineering in the food industry? This is the movie for you.

11) Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food : The Truth about our food: Here’s another film that is revealing about genetic engineering of food. A number of food and nutrition experts are sounding the alarm about genetic engineering of foods and this documentary will surely open your eyes.

12) Fast Food Nation : If Super Size Me didn’t do it for you in terms of curbing your appetite for fast food, this documentary will do it.

13) Like Water for Chocolate : This is one of my favourite movies of all time and you should expect to be quite hungry when watching it!!!

14) Eat Drink Man Woman : This movie celebrates the richness of Asian cuisine!

15) Big Night : An Italian family, a restaurant business, two siblings – one chef the other the business partner? You know that’s a recipe for an entertaining film set around Italian cuisine!

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These all movies are most recomended by me and I will surely like to watch them by after each other. I was searching so long for such a great source to at online and finally got it.
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