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Hollywood Cookie Diet: Don't Fall for Fake Food to Lose Weight

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:32pm

About the only positive things I can say about the much-talked about Hollywood Cookie Diet is that it allows people to conveniently lose weight on the run and it encourages you to fuel up four times before dinner, thereby warding off blood sugar swings --- well, you hope.

But, for the most part, I'm appalled by a diet that reveres and idolizes cookies to the tune of 4 of them a day.

For starters, in my opinion, most sugar addicts can't limit themselves to one cookie every few hours. Many people find it hard enough to conquer their carb habit as it is -- I'm afraid that substituting 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) and 2 snacks with one little 150-calorie cookie would make them feel horribly deprived.

What's more, I'm worried about people who fall prey to fake food like this to peel off the weight. (You won't find any real food like vegetables, fruits or legumes in this cookie concoction.)

Yes, the cookies do contain some added nutrients, but they just don't include ample vital minerals, vitamins, etc., which you get from real foods and which you desperately need while you diet.

Aren't people reading the nutrition facts on these Hollywood cookies? For instance, they contain enriched wheat flour (not whole wheat flour) and a variety of chemically created products such as the potentially unsafe soy protein isolate.

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