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Holistic Tip for Bad Breath

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you suffer chronically from bad breath (halitosis) but the persistent tooth-brushing and gum-popping only seems to work for a little while, you might want to turn to a natural remedy. Fresh parsley is packed with the plant pigment, chlorophyll, which is a particularly powerful breath freshener; so if you don't have time to brush or if you need a quick remedy for a garlicky lunch or cup of coffee, a simple sprig of the plant is a way better bet than a stick of gum.
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I know, I know. It's much cooler to discover secret items that we didn't know would save our breath, but I tell you what. Tried and true works, man. Pick yourself up a sprig of mint and tie it around a parsley. Now that, THAT, would be a fresh breath extravaganza.
You might want to look further down too - bad breath can also be a sign of bacterial imbalance in the bowel, or poor liver function.
Olwen read my mind! Yes, halitosis is more frequently a digestive issue rather than on of oral hygene. Get on a raw diet (veggies and some  fruits), lots of clean water (not the bottled stuff ... I think all the news on past year speaks for itself), and a castor-oil pack for 3 days (90 min/day) to cleans your colon and liver!  To make a castor oil pack:
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